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Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Mom

Mother’s day is the perfect opportunity to make your lovely lady feel special. Whether she be your wife, mom, sister or grandmother, you’re in the right place. Simply reading this means you’re putting the research in. Now let’s find you the right gift.

Mothers Day Gifts for the Wife

There’s a couple of options you have when getting a gift for your wife You can play the humor card, do something personal, or make it more intimate. To spark some ideas, here’s our list:

Audible Membership Gift Card

Does your wife love books? An audible membership could be the perfect gift. There are options for 1, 2, 6, and 12 months memberships. Each month she’ll get one credit which she’ll be able to use to buy a new audiobook.

She can enjoy a good read while doing daily activities, driving or simply relaxing. Either way, this is a great gift for any book lover.

Glass BPA-Free Water Bottle

Does your wife enjoy being active and staying healthy? A new water bottle could be a great idea for mother’s day. There are many BPA-free glass bottles in the market today. Perfect for the gym, work, or a picnic with the family.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Enjoy clean water and air? An essential oil diffuser is a fun gift to relieve stress and make your home more welcoming.

New Teapot

Does your wife like her tea? A teapot could be a good idea.

Greenbow Gift Box Organic Assortment Flavor Tea

Something that would go well with the teapot, an organic assortment of flavor teas. Make mother’s day a relaxing one.

Custom T-Shirt

Add a little bit of humor to brighten your wife’s day. Be creative and add a quote, pictures or inside joke. You can pick what color, also, short or long sleeve.

Mother’s Day Recipe Bamboo Cutting Board

Do you and your wife love cooking? This customizable cutting board is a fun gift. You can add a custom note quote, family recipe, joke, or whatever.

Bottle of Red? Bottle of White?

Having mother’s day without the kids? Grab a nice bottle of wine and cool off. Let her day be a relaxing day.

Mothers Day Gifts for Grandma

Mother’s day for grandma can be a fun activity you can get the whole family in on. Show her you’re thinking of her with letters from the kids, family pictures, flowers. For more ideas, see below:

Family Tree Art

Reach out to extended family and create a family tree. You can frame it, make it into a shirt, or copy the family tree onto a large serving dish. Give your grandmother something to brag about to her friends.

Photo Lampshades

Do you love pictures? A photo lampshade is a fun idea to capture family moments and put them somewhere where everyone can see. These fun lampshades can turn out becoming a new family heirloom.

Heart Handprint Canvas

Give grandma a canvas with a heart made out of your grandkids handprints.

Handprint Garden Apron

Another handprint idea, buy her a new apron with fun handprint designs of the whole family. This can be a fun gift for grandma if she loves cooking.

Cupcake Flower Bouquet

Does grandmother have a sweet tooth? Make a flower bouquet with cupcakes. This cute gift is easy to make. All you have to do is to bake cupcakes and arrange them in a flower pot to look like flowers.

Picture Magnets

Another fun idea, take pictures of the family and make them into magnets so your grandmother can show off her grandkids to all her friends.

Painted Flower Pots

Does your grandma like gardening? Get her a painted flower pot. Have the family drawl a little something and make it memorable

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Sister

Get a Gift You and Her can do Together

Creating memories can be the best type of gift. Tickets to the theater, movie, music, stand-up are all good ideas. Do something you can talk about for years.

Family Recipe Binder

Do you have a family of chefs? Or want-a-be chefs? Reaching out to the extended family and synthesizing a list of recipes is a great gift and family history idea.

Sign her up for a class

Has your sister been talking about a new hobby – yoga, gymnastics, bicycling, art, photography, Potter? Sign her up for a class!

Write her a letter

Don’t have time to do something extravagant this year? Write a thoughtful letter.

Make dinner and watch the kids for her

Give your sister time off. Offer to make dinner for the kids and watch them while she can take the time off.

Mother’s Day Gift for Friends –

The items we chose here are fun little items you can get your best friend. Nothing in the list is too expensive and is a fun way to show you’re thinking of her.

Mini instant camera

Into photography? These mini instant cameras are an adorable gift idea for creating and sharing memories that matter. Snap and share instantly.

Foodie Dice

Does your friend love to cook? Pick up a set of these fun dice. Roll them and see what you’re having for dinner.

Nail polish set

Love makeup? A new nail polish set is a fun, easy gift. Get her something she’ll use time and time again.

Homebrewing kit

Want to get something unique. This home beer brewing kit is a fun idea for those moms who like DIY projects. Why buy your favorite beer when you can make it!

Yoga pants

A nice gift to go along with that yoga class!

Mother’s Day Personalized Gifts

Are you a crafting family? A DIY project could be a perfect gift for you! Nothing shows that you’re thinking of her than making something from scratch. Get the kids involved and make into a fun family activity.

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are the perfect gift for moms who love to garden. You can place these inside or outside. These little plant holders can make a room look clean and healthy.

Decorative hot pads

Hot pads are easy to make. All you need is a corkboard sheet that you can cut fun shapes into.

DIY shelves

Need space for keys, knickknacks, plants, books? Make a new shelf to go along with your interior design.

Personal Journal

Make a personal journal. She can write about her dreams, goals, and childhood stories so she never forgets.

Give a Gift That Gives Back

Does your mom spend a lot of time doing chores around the house? Does your mom hate doing the laundry? Get her the gift of time with FreshStart.

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Do you already have a great idea? Share it in the comments! We’d love to hear it!

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