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​Dry Cleaning Services with Pickup and Delivery in Fairfield and Westchester Counties

Get FreshStart Laundry’s dry-cleaning services are perfect for anything you want cleaned, pressed, and returned on a hanger. Whether you’re a professional or a family, time is too valuable and precious to waste on doing laundry. Let us do it for you! Get FreshStart Laundry provides dry-cleaning pickup and delivery. Our dry-cleaning delivery service will pick up your special garments, clean and press them, and return it all back to you in 72 hours. And our eco-friendly dry cleaners won’t harm the environment!

We read the care labels and know what all those symbols on the tag mean, so your clothes get cleaned the way they deserve. Our dry-cleaning service prices are base prices for standard items. Color, fabric, exceptional size, ornamentation, embellishment and extent of "soiling" etc., will affect prices. Dry cleaning delivery will return your special garments professionally cleaned and pressed, along with any laundry you are having washed. All laundry services have a $40 minimum order.

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