Fairfield University Laundry Service

February 08, 2024

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Embarking on your college journey at Fairfield University? Imagine a life without the hassle of laundry, where time-consuming chores are replaced with convenience and efficiency. Fresh Start Laundry, the exclusive laundry service partner at Fairfield U, is here to transform your student experience. Discover how we make laundry a breeze for both students and families alike, providing a reliable wash and fold service with personalized touches.

Fairfield University Partnership

Our Fairfield University Laundry service allows for students to bid farewell to laundry room and heavy bags of dirty clothes. Fresh Start Laundry has full time professional drivers, granted with key card access to dorms, ensure a hassle-free pickup and delivery service, allowing students and families to focus on what truly matters.

Handling Students Clothing

Excellence in Wash and Fold Fresh Start Laundry is more than just a laundry service; it's a commitment to excellence. Our dedicated team handles everything from sorting to stain treatment, ensuring each order is packed "drawer ready." Your clothes will be returned in ready to wear, and put away, providing peace of mind for students and families alike.

Fairfield U Laundry Service First Pickup

Personalized Service with a Touch of Home. We understand the value of personalization. Every student receives a high-quality Fresh Start Laundry Bag, complete with their name and dorm information. The first pickup is as simple as using any labeled bag, and we return it in our professionally branded bag. It's our way of adding a personal touch to make students feel at home.

Next Day Turnaround

Lightning-Fast Turnaround for Busy Schedules We know how crucial it is to have clean clothes on demand. Fresh Start Laundry ensures lightning-fast turnaround times, with all orders returned the next day. Whether it's preparing for a big presentation or maintaining a fresh wardrobe, our quick and efficient service caters to the busy schedules students.

Exclusive Fairfield University Laundry Partnership Student Discount

Exclusive Discounts for Students and Families In appreciation of our partnership with Fairfield University, we offer an exclusive 15% discount to all students. Fresh Start Laundry believes in providing not only convenience but also affordability for students and their families, making laundry services accessible to all.

Fairfield University Dry Cleaning Service

Expert Dry Cleaning for a Polished Look In addition to our wash and fold service, Fresh Start Laundry offers expert dry cleaning services to keep you looking sharp for important presentations and events. We understand the demands of college life, and our dry cleaning services provide a convenient solution for maintaining a polished and professional appearance.

Fresh Start Laundry is the answer to simplifying your college life at Fairfield University. Our seamless pickup and delivery service, top-notch wash and fold expertise, personalized touches, and exclusive discounts cater to the unique needs of both students and families. Experience the difference with Fresh Start Laundry and redefine how you approach laundry during your college journey. Elevate your experience with convenience and affordability – choose Fresh Start Laundry today!


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